About Me

My name is Christina M Peeler, I go by Christy for short. I am a wife to my wonderful husband Ben, who is definitely my biggest supporter and #1 fan! He is always encouraging me and pushing me to go further without doubting anything that I do!

We have been married almost 13 years, we have built a beautiful life together, we drive each other crazy but are so unbelievably perfectly imperfect together! We have 5 children in our blended family. One girl who is almost 24 and the rest are all boys ages 6 to 23. 

We love family time, we love to travel, go camping, riding 4 wheelers, fishing, taking the boat out, anything creating memories and experiences, We hope that our children enjoy the time as much as we do!

I have ALWAYS loved photography and my husband bought me my first "real" camera in 2012 and that's when I realized that there is so much more to photography than just clicking a button... WOW! Classes, practice, more classes and more practice, practice, practice!!!! Every photoshoot that I do I learn more and more every time. 

I strive to offer affordable sessions and to create relationships with each family that I have the privilege of meeting and capturing memories for!

My goal is to "Capture Moments that Last a Lifetime"! 



"I love, love, love them!!!! I can't wait to put them on my web page & FB page. I can't say thank you enough for such a great experience! You did great capturing exactly what I needed."

—Wendi Stewart